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For Film/Fiche Conversion
Your answers to the following questions will allow us to estimate the cost of converting your documents. Please fill out this form in its entirety.
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Film/Fiche Conversion Key Questions
1. Media Roll 16 mm    Roll 35 mm    Fiche
2. The page sizes of the images are Fixed Page Size by
  Variable Page Size
  Minimum by
  Maximum by
3. Are there any colored frames required in color? Yes    No
4. Are there any photographic frames
required in Grayscale?
Yes    No
5. The reduction ratio(s) used
6. Blip Multi-Level    No Blip
7. DPI 200 dpi    300 dpi
8. Is cropping needed? Yes    No
9. Polarity Positive Film    Negative Film
10. The Backdrop is White    Black
11. The Orientation of the images are Portrait    Landscape
12. The average number of frames per fiche/roll
13. The borders, separation between the frames, is
Clearly Marked and Detectable
14. The Overall Filming Quality Very Good    Acceptable    Poor
Other. Please explain
15. The volume size is Frames    Rolls    Fiche
16. The turnaround required is
17. Please explain the indexing required
18. QC Required: please indicate if images require
rotation, cropping, enhancement or deskewing
19. Notes or observations to be made
* Required
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